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Our lawyers have successfully handled thousands of cases for clients. However, it is not our aim to conduct a lawsuit for you. The wisest trial is won before it begins. Our goal is rather to successfully implement your legal concerns without a lengthy court case.


If your concern cannot be resolved out of court, we will sue for you - if necessary - through all instances. You will always have a specialised lawyer at your side who will accompany you individually from start to finish. In the background we often work in a team and exchange ideas in order to achieve the best result for you.

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    Wir vertreten Sie engagiert bel del Geitendmachung Ihrer Rechtsanspruche.

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    Jonas Bartlomiejczyk

    The possibilities of interdisciplinary tax and legal advice allow us to offer our clients a comprehensive one-stop service.

    We represent both businesses and consumers, whereas our services are utilised by German and Polish clients, in particular by mid-sized and larger companies throughout Germany and the Republic of Poland.

    Our lawyers are fluent in Polish, and Mr. Martin Pfnür is licensed to practice law in Germany as well as in the Republic of Poland as a Prawnik z. z UE. This is why providing legal advice in Polish law for German clients and in German law for Polish clients is especially important for us.

    An international cooperative network guarantees client-focused consultation even outside the borders of Germany.



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