12. December 2020

Caught speeding in Germany? Get help from a lawyer for speed cameras

Have you been stopped by the police or flashed and perhaps already been fined? You can often defend yourself against driving bans, points and heavy fines. We show how and why.

Every third fine contains faults and is open to legal action.

Hearing in fine proceedings | Engage a lawyer

As soon as you receive the hearing form from the Road Traffic Office, it makes sense to appoint a specialist lawyer for traffic law. We will then decide together with you whether, and if so, what information is to be provided on the charge. It is not advisable to fill in the hearing form without the help of a lawyer, as the information can then no longer be withdrawn.

It is often advisable not to give any information at all about the driver and the accusation, as the Road Traffic Office can often only prove your guilt with a confession. There is no obligation to provide information.

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Receive a fine notice | what to do?

After the hearing, a fine notice is regularly issued. We also advise and support you in this phase of the proceedings in order to take the right steps.

Observe the deadline: You must lodge an objection within 14 days of receiving the fine notice, either yourself or through a lawyer.

TIP: Pay attention to the date of the fine notice. The authority must have issued the fine within 3 months of the date of the infringement. If the administrative order is issued later, the accusation is time-barred. The legal consequence is that you remain exempt from

Why hire a specialist lawyer for traffic law?

You will only receive professional help after receiving a fine from a specialist lawyer for traffic law who has many years of experience.

Mr. Balduin, who is also an ADAC contract lawyer and a specialist lawyer for traffic law, will immediately examine all possibilities for you with his team of traffic lawyers and justify the objection.

The law firm Balduin & Partner, highly specialised in traffic law, represents motorists throughout Germany who are alleged to have committed the following offences:

  •     exceeding the speed limit
  • Red light violation
  • Distance violation
  • Driving without a licence
  • Drinking and driving
  • hit and run
  • Mobile phone at the wheel
  • No rescue lane formed

These accusations should always be taken seriously, as there is a risk of withdrawal of the driving licence. Our lawyers specialised in traffic law know how to lodge a legally effective appeal against a fine and which arguments will lead to the charges being dropped or to a significant reduction in the expected fine.

An objection justified by the lawyer often leads to a suspension

We are familiar with the measurement procedures of the police and can assess whether errors occurred during the measurement.

Successful setting without process

Fine notices repeatedly contain significant errors such as

  • Incorrect or missing information on legal remedies
  • Driver not recognisable on speed camera photo
  • Incorrect number plate
  • Insufficient measurement recording
  • Unknown driver

With our experience, we can quickly detect such errors. By means of a comprehensive statement of objections, the fine proceedings are often discontinued without a trial.

Only a traffic law attorney can apply to inspect files in order to identify errors.

Our lawyers use the most recent case law in traffic law for you to achieve the best result.

Over 1,000 affected motorists have already relied on the experience of the specialist lawyers at Balduin & Partner.

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