19. November 2019

Diesel emissions scandal in Germany | What are my rights?

The law firm Balduin & Partner specializes in nationwide advice and representation of car buyers of all car manufacturers affected by the diesel scandal. We belong meanwhile to one of the leading law offices to the diesel scandal in the Rhine and Ruhr district.

Our attorneys were already successful for over 1.000 car owners before court. So far, we have not lost a single lawsuit against Volkswagen.

As we have particular experience in representing car owners, Mr Balduin is a specialist lawyer for traffic law and an ADAC contract lawyer. Every experienced lawyer in our law firm represents you nationwide and asserts your rights to compensation against dealers or manufacturers in order to avoid driving bans and losses in value in the diesel affair for you.

On 27.02.2018, the Federal Administrative Court allowed driving bans for diesel vehicles. In many cities, such as Düsseldorf, Cologne, Essen, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Berlin, driving bans have already been passed or are planned.

The Ruhr area will be affected even more in large parts. The Essen city centre and parts of the A40 are to be closed for Euro 1 to 5 vehicles!

High losses in value for all diesel vehicles are now to be expected. You can avoid this with our help and turn your right into money.

A limitation of your claims threatens to 31.12.2019! Therefore, let us check and assert your claims free of charge before the end of this year.

Even if you did not buy your car in Germany, you can sue the manufacturer in a German court with our help. 95 of the 115 courts in Germany are on the car owners’ side.

Is my vehicle affected?

If your car is affected by the exhaust scandal, you may already have received a letter from the manufacturer requesting your vehicle to install the software update. In this case, please contact us directly and do not go into the repair offer, as the update can demonstrably cause consequential damage and increased consumption of the vehicle.

It does not apply that your vehicle is technically faultless again after the update. This has already been confirmed by courts.

If you have not yet received a letter, let us check free of charge whether your vehicle is affected by the exhaust scandal. At VW Autos you can also check yourself at info.volkswagen.de whether your car is affected.

At present it can be assumed that the following diesel cars are affected:

  • All Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Porsche models built between 2008 and 2018.
  • All Mercedes vehicles with the engine identification OM 642 and OM 651 as well as Mercedes Vito, Sprinter and GLC until 2018 (more information about Mercedes here).
  • BMW 5 Series and 7 Series, especially the BMW M550d
  • Opel is also affected with 100,000 cars (Insignia, Zafira and Cascada built in 2012, 2014 and 2017)
  • The 3.0 TDI engines of Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche – also Euro 5 and Euro 6
  • Vehicles with engine identification EA 288 due to recall 23Z7

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My rights in the diesel affair

  • Reversal/conversion of the purchase contract – Money back against return of your old vehicle
  • New delivery – new car from the current series against return of your old vehicle without kilometre compensation
  • Compensation – Retain the end-of-life vehicle and receive money for the loss in value.


“In January 2013 you bought a new VW Passat 2.0 TDI for EUR 35,000.00. The current mileage is 50,000 km. Based on the current market situation, you may still receive 10,000 EUR for the vehicle.

If you sue your car manufacturer for the return of the vehicle, he will have to pay you back the 35,000 EUR after handing over the car, minus a kilometre allowance of 5,000 EUR, so that you get 30,000 EUR instead of 10,000 EUR!”.

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