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In traffic law we are one of the leading law firms in the Rhine and Ruhr area. Our clients – car buyers, car dealers or road users – can rely on the experience of thousands of successfully conducted lawsuits, a specialist solicitor for traffic law and personal support.

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      Traffic Accident Processing

      Our attorneys from Mülheim an der Ruhr successfully represent your interests throughout Europe, in particular in the following traffic law matters:

      •     Handling of traffic accidents at home and abroad
      •     Enforcement of your rights in the Diesel Gate
      •     Defence of fines and criminal traffic cases
      •     Defects in vehicle purchase (withdrawal, reduction, damages)
      •     Motor vehicle contract law
      •     Driving licence and driving licence law
      •     Accidents with trucks, caravans and trailers
      •     Dissolution of your car financing

      As we have a special experience in traffic law, Mr. Balduin is a specialist lawyer for traffic law and ADAC contract lawyer.

      Consulting a lawyer specializing in the processing of traffic accidents makes sense, because the opposing party’s respective insurance company employs trained specialists to handle the claim. These specialists constantly try to keep insurance payments to a minimum to save costs. Often a claim is denied or delayed even though the payment obligation is not in doubt.

      A lawyer must therefore keep up-to-date if he wants to seriously oppose the insurance companies. It is especially in the area of traffic accident processing that high court decisions frequently establish new case law, which a lawyer must be aware of to best represent the interests of the injured party.

      Our Services

      As soon as you contact us, we take down the necessary information. Part of this is a description of the accident and submission of the documents available to you. After this, we immediately start working for you and take the necessary steps, such as:

      • Determining the opposing party’s liability insurance and subsequent correspondence.
      • Correspondence with physicians to obtain necessary medical certificates in case of personal injury.
      • Correspondence with the motor vehicle expert inspecting your vehicle.
      • Correspondence with the police or the public prosecutor, in particular also requesting and evaluating official accident reports.

      You won’t have to deal with the matter except for answering a few questions that may come up. You especially won’t have to fill out long questionnaires the opposing insurance company will otherwise send you with the request to be completed.

      As soon as the insurance company pays, you will immediately get a check from us or we will transfer the money to your account. Only then do we bill the insurance company of the party causing the accident. You won’t have to deal with it.

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      Amount of Damages

      We give you individual advice on your best course of action to receive the amount of compensation you are legally entitled from the insurance company.

      A lot of mistakes are often made in processing traffic accidents, because you, as the injured party, often don’t know your rights or don’t know enough of them.

      After an accident, the opposing insurance company often tries to contact you as soon as possible and proposes to take over the practical processing of the entire claim for you. At first, this sounds like a significant reduction in the work involved for you, and in most cases it does indeed result in faster processing of the necessary formalities.
      However, in the course of this so-called “claims management” the accident is processed in such a way that the insurance company is the real beneficiary in most cases, and not you!

      Their “claims management” allows the insurance company to save significant costs compared to the regular processing of accident claims that involves independent advice from lawyers and experts. Why else would insurance companies offer to practically handle the entire claim themselves, which involves additional costs, after all.

      That’s why you should not agree if the opposing party’s insurance company offers to “help” you.

      Rather, come to us first, as soon as possible after the accident, so we can advise you on your best course of action. In most cases, the first steps taken after an accident ultimately make a decisive difference as far as the amount of damages and assertion of you claim is concerned.

      To give you an idea*, of how important it is to get legal advice after an accident, here is a simplified example:

      After an accident, the motor vehicle expert determines the following:

      Repair costs:
      Replacement value of an equivalent, undamaged vehicle:
      Residual value of the damaged vehicle:

      Economically, this is a total loss because the repair costs are higher than the difference between the replacement value of an equivalent vehicle and the residual value of the damaged vehicle. The insurance company pays you the replacement value minus the determined residual value of the damaged vehicle, therefore € 4,000.–.

      At this point the case is closed for many injured parties.

      If you nevertheless decide, as is often the case, to have your vehicle repaired because you know someone who carries out the repairs for much less or because you may even be able to repair the vehicle yourself, then the insurance company is generally obligated to subsequently reimburse the repair costs determined by the motor vehicle expert up to the amount of the replacement value, without deducting the residual value.
      In this case the insurance company would have to pay another € 2,000.– in addition to the € 4,000.– already paid, making a total of € 6,000.–.

      The only condition is that you can demonstrate that your vehicle was repaired according to professional standards. You won’t have to present a repair bill. In most cases it is enough to send a few photos of the repaired vehicle to the insurance company or to obtain a letter of confirmation from a specialist regarding the repair.

      In the case described here you might have given away a lot of money to which you are legally entitled.

      *All information without guarantee

      Our Fees

      If you are the injured party in a traffic accident, then our services won’t cost you anything unless you have caused the accident. 

      In this case the opposing party’s liability insurance is obligated to cover our fees.

      Most injured parties handle the correspondence with the insurance company themselves and don’t go to a lawyer, because they often think that hiring a lawyer will cost them money.

      However, as the injured party in an accident you have the right to hire a lawyer of your choice and have the opposing party’s liability insurance take over all costs. 

      Should the question who caused the accident be in dispute, then an accident legal expenses insurance generally takes over our fees, should you have such insurance.

      Other Areas of Traffic Law

      In addition to processing traffic accidents, we also represent your interests in the following specific traffic-related legal areas:

      • in traffic contract law:
      • warranty upon purchase of a vehicle
      • cancellation of a vehicle purchase agreement including enforcement in court or defence against
      • relevant claims
      • in appeals against fines
      • in the defence against traffic-related criminal charges
      • in matters concerning driver’s licenses and driving privileges

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