6. October 2020
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Caught straffic accident in Germany – what to do? Lawyer clarifies peeding in Germany? Get help from a lawyer for speed cameras

You have been involved in a traffic accident in Germany and are wondering what is the best way to behave? This article will quickly answer all your questions.

Involved in a traffic accident through no fault of your own

You live in Germany or abroad and have suffered an accident with your car, motorcycle or truck during your stay in Germany?

Of course you can now take care of the accident yourself, contact your car insurance company and commission an independent expert to assess your damage.

The safest, best and free of charge way for you to settle the accident in Germany is simply to hire a specialist lawyer for traffic law.

Our law firm is specialized in handling traffic accidents for Germans and foreigners throughout Europe.

We offer you a full service. You do not have to worry about anything and at the same time you can be sure that all possible claims will be checked and enforced for you as quickly as possible.

Our services include in particular

  • the fast enforcement of claims for compensation of material damage and personal injury
  • Enforcement of damages for pain and suffering
  • Determination of the insurance of the other party in the accident and all correspondence with this
  • Correspondence with the attending physicians in the event of injuries suffered and examination of the amount of compensation for pain and suffering
  • Commissioning of an independent and neutral motor vehicle expert in order to correctly determine the amount of damage for you. There are no costs for you for this

Important: We advise against having your damage assessed by a motor vehicle expert from the opposing liability insurance company, as we know from experience that they will assess your damage as low as possible so that the opposing liability insurance company has to pay you as little compensation as possible.

Do not worry about high expert costs. As long as you are not responsible for the accident, the opposing party’s liability insurance must cover the expert costs in full.

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Accident settlement by a lawyer guaranteed free of charge for you

This also applies to the costs of a lawyer who will handle the accident for you. In Germany, you have the right to have your claims for damages and compensation for pain and suffering arising from the traffic accident handled by a specialist lawyer for traffic law. You will not incur any costs for this, as the lawyer’s fees must also be covered by the opposing party’s liability insurance at 100%, provided that you are not at fault for the accident.

Do I even need a lawyer if I am not to blame for the accident?

We answer this with a clear answer: Yes! In the context of a traffic accident, claims often arise that laymen often do not think about.

If your vehicle has to be in the garage for several days for repair, you are not only entitled to a rental car, but also to a considerable compensation for loss of use, since you were unable to use your vehicle for several days due to the repair and the accident.

Even minor injuries sometimes justify a high compensation for pain and suffering, provided that a longer period of inability to work is associated with it. Also the assertion of a loss of earnings, especially for self-employed persons, is possible.

Have you considered, for example, that your previously accident-free car is worth less after an accident due to the fact that it is now an accident vehicle? No, we have. Therefore, in the case of newer vehicles, you are entitled to a so-called mercantile reduced value in addition to the repair costs, which alone compensates for the fact that your vehicle is now an accident vehicle and will achieve a significantly lower sales price at a later date.

We assert all these claims and more on your behalf so that you do not have to bear any financial loss from the traffic accident.

As the injured party in an accident you are entitled to these rights

  • Compensation
  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Rental car
  • Compensation for loss of use
  • Loss of earnings
  • Compensation for accidental loss of value

What should I do immediately after a traffic accident in Germany?

First of all, in Germany you have the duty to protect yourself and the scene of the accident.

You must first put on the protective vest and then place the warning triangle at a sufficient distance from the scene of the accident to warn other road users.Only then do you take care of the damage or even injured persons and then immediately call the police and, if necessary, the rescue service.The police can usually resolve the question of guilt on the spot. The person who causes the accident usually has to expect a warning money of 35,00 EUR.If your innocence has been established on the police accident report, you can hire a lawyer for traffic law and a motor vehicle expert of your choice without any risk in order to fully cover all claims for damages from the traffic accident.

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